History & Expertise

The Hempstead Select Chorale made their International performance debut in 2007, traveling to Vienna, Austria. This very special opportunity struck a chord in the hearts and minds of the young choir members and became the foundation to what is now, “Voices of   Virtue, Inc.”.

The Hempstead Select Chorale was invited to compete in the 2009 International Choral Competition held in Verona, Italy.
· Fundraising efforts were successful
· Hempstead Select Chorale traveled to Verona, Italy, April 2009
· The Chorale represented the State of New York
· The Chorale competed against 30 choirs from 10 different countries
· Hempstead Select Chorale won the Gold Medal for their category

Not only did the chorus win within their category; they had the overall highest score (93 out of 100) of the 30 participating score choruses.